A College Girl’s Ode to Boston Food Trucks

As the seasons change from autumn to winter and frost begins to cover the ground, college kids all over the city will begin hibernating in preparation for the dreaded finals. Pajama pants, messy hair, and dark circles under eyes become fashion statements. Students, including myself, tend to spend less time worrying about food and clothes, as midnight cram-sessions become an inevitable part of our lives.

Students begin to order more take out and eat more fast food as dining halls and kitchens just don’t cut it anymore. This is why Mayor Martin Walsh’s recent announcement of food trucks staying open throughout the winter months brings excitement to this college girl’s life. Now it’s possible to not only get relatively fast food that I do not make myself, but also delicious, mouth-watering, gourmet food from some of my favorite food trucks.

In addition to to satisfying my study binge eating habits, it is now possible to get some of my favorite holiday flavors from food trucks. A few food trucks offer winter flavors such as gingerbread, cinnamon, and peppermint. The food trucks that offer these flavors include Cookie Monstah, The Cupcakory and more. As more food trucks are allowed to continue serving food throughout winter, it will be interesting to see who else takes advantage of these seasonal flavors.

Between new flavors and new take-out options, Bostonians will now be able to get their fill of on-the-go food throughout the holidays- an early present for the entire city.


Boston Winter