Our Story

Yes, we are still truckin’! 2015 promises to be another yum-a-licious year for Food Truck Festivals of America (FTFoA) and most importantly for our passionate and hungry fans. Our six festivals this year will feature some of the same winning locales as last year…hello again Worcester, New Hampshire, and Cape Cod….and some new ones…Providence, South Carolina, New Mexico and Fort Myers, FL! The year will bring some new trucks and of course some of the tried and true favorites…again you will be able to spend a great afternoon trying everything from Vietnamese sandwiches to lobster rolls to duck tacos to frozen hoagies to juicy burgers and fresh, bubbling pizza! Try to get to every truck if you dare. After all, it’s a day to count trucks not calories!


The whole idea for FTFNE started back in 2011 when we were reading about this new trend in dining out called “food trucks”. They were big in LA. They were parked in NY. They were hot in DC. They were starting to arrive in New England. Our first festival in Plymouth, MA featured eight trucks…and 4,000 people showed up. We were stunned. Then came our second. 12 trucks and 6,000 people. Then our third. 18 trucks and 10,000 people. At that point, we knew we were onto something and FTFNE was born.

Our goal is not only to introduce communities across the country to the booming phenomenon of gourmet food trucks, but to support the small business owners who run them. We aim to create destination events that feature the trucks and the food they serve.  So here we are about to create our 2014 tour of festivals…five pounds heavier than we were when this all began in 2011 but confident that Food. Truck. Fever. is here to stay.


The Founder

Executive Producer Anne-Marie Aigner can best be described as a gifted trend-spotter. When she noticed a gap in Boston’s food truck industry she saw an opportunity to fill it with something divine. Food truck festivals are not just a trend on the West coast…they are a movement that has slowly trickled through the Midwest and finally landed in the East. Anne-Marie’s instinct has been confirmed. Food trucks have arrived in New England…finally!
In fact, not only have the trucks arrived, but, based on the number of calls we get from business and communities all over the country, so have the festivals – and private events with food trucks. So, Anne-Marie created Food Trucks 2 Go (FT2G), which responds to requests for trucks and festivals. Are the food trucks here to stay? If you’ve eaten from a food truck, you already know the answer.