Meet The Trucks – The Dining Car

Just like on a dining car on a train, their menu is as unique as the places they visit along the way – Boston’s ‘The Dining Car’ is no exception. And, owner David Harnik took quite an unlikely route to ownership of his mobile “restaurant” known these days as a “gourmet food truck.  Harnik began his career in high tech as an executive recruiter. In his free time he was drawn to the kitchen – cooking for family and friends. As word of David’s culinary skills spread, he began to cater small parties here and there. At one catering event, he found himself explaining the mechanics of food to a few kids and explaining the reactions of sugar in frying up a pan of rice.  As he turned around, he was face to face with the kids’ father, an executive at Mars Candy Corporation ,who hired David on the spot.  Following his job at Mars, he went to work for some of the top restaurants in Boston, heading up the catering division of  L’Espalier and Sel De La Terre.

What he loved most loved catering was the invitations he received into his clients’ homes, allowing him to be a part of some of their most joyous and memorable occasions complimented by the great food and beverage that Chef Harnik would provide. David’s passion for catering transitioned into a love of the mobile food industry, which was just beginning to develop in Boston. As his plans for the truck came together, he struggled to find a name that ‘said it all’. It wasn’t until his business partner, Naomi,  asked her 5 year old son – who was a train fanatic — if he had any ideas for a name for the food truck.  He tossed out ‘The Dining Car’. And the rest is history… well not exactly. From his catering days, David knew he needed it all, so the truck was fully equipped with a full size oven, stove, fryer, and even a smoker! Yes, you heard right – a smoker! How else would he be able to make his famous pulled pork recipe?

As we continued to talk, David mentioned the uniqueness of the truck culture. He talked about the restaurant world where the chefs create the food, but never get that direct interaction with the customer. In his new line of business on wheels, he is excited that he is invited to talk with his customers and can hear their instant feedback on their meals  Best of all,   he can thank repeat customers for their business. He is having his cake and eating it too!

To learn more about ‘The Dining Car’ visit their website  and be sure to see him and other fabulous food trucks at the Food Truck Festivals of New England !